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Landscape Consultancy Services

Landscape Architects & Designers

As a professional Chartered Landscape Architecture Practice we assist Planners, Architects, Arborists, Engineers and other design disciplines by providing a wide range of landscape architecture, design and planning services for Clients.

Areas of Our Expertise

Landscape Planning

Landscape plans are often a requirement of Planning Permission Applications. We provide landscape planning services on a nationwide basis, working with a range of Clients from Architects, Engineers, Developers & home builders.

We offer a professional design service to our clients and our approach is based on balancing the requirements of development against the need to deliver sustainable solutions that protect the natural environment. Landscape Architecture is distinctive amongst the design disciplines involved in the construction industry as it requires a deep understanding design and nature.

Landscape Assessment

Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment evaluates the effect of a proposed development upon the surrounding landscape. This is demonstrated through the preparation of 3D images, photomontages, maps and a detailed report demonstrating the suitability of the scheme.

Depending on your requirements and the nature of the development, we will produce the appropriate level of detail for your project. Our Landscape Assessment is often accompanied by our other services Landscape Planning & Landscape Visualisation.

Landscape Visualisation

By using 3D software, photomontages and artistic sketches we can bring your project to life, enabling the project to be visualised or displayed in perspective before it is constructed.

This process is often a requirement of Local Authorities and can be used by our Clients to strengthen and support vital decision points throughout the planning process.

Landscape Visualisation often is the last stage of the design process and will often be carried out after the Landscape Masterplan is fully developed & approved by the Client.

Landscape Consultancy

In addition to our landscape design services, we provide landscape consultancy services and support services to our Clients. From landscape budgets & cost estimates, production of tender documentation through to post-contract supervision we can ensure your project is delivered to the highest standard and give value for money to our Clients.

Successful Landscape Contract Management is carried out by our team and involves attending regular site meetings, continually reviewing the projects on the ground, and providing support services to other professionals where required.

What Makes Us Different

Our primary mission is to provide all our Clients with the highest standard and quality of specialist Landscape Consultancy Services and to establish lasting relationships with our Clients by exceeding their expectations. We will also sustain the highest levels of competence, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our Clients. We are established & proud members of the Irish Landscape Institute

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Why we think you should work with us

We provide the highest possible reliable service to all our customers and can adapt adapt any of our services to meet your needs. 

Our Uniqueness

The key benefit of a Landscape Design Services appointment, for any of our services, is that nothing is too much trouble and our guarantees deliver reliability

Our Guarantees

As a landscape design practice we offer the following guarantees

  • Clear & transparent fees & costs
  • Consistant high quality designs
  • We work to your deadlines
  • We exceed your expectations

What We Can Deliver

Landscape Masterplans

Landscape Masterplans illustrate the overall plan & the context of the proposed development within the surrounding landscape & environment. For planning purposes, it is important to illustrate how the development will blend into the location and what landscape mitigation features are required to ensure this occurs.

Garden Designs

We are passionate about realising the potential of gardens & outdoor spaces, creating enduring, beautiful & practical gardens. We bring you through the design process to create and bring to life your garden.Our designs interpret the personalities of our clients and the unique qualities of their sites.

Tree Surveys

Local councils may require a tree survey to accompany your planning application. We work alongside a fully qualified and highly experienced Arboriculturalists in order to offer full landscape planning service to our clients.Our tree survey and reports are tailored to meet the needs of your local Planning Department.

Planting Plans

In terms of the planning process, choosing the appropriate soft landscaping materials for any size development is the first step to ensuring your development is properly screened and will become a sustainable landscape scheme.Choosing appropriate trees & hedging is key to obtaining a favorable decision from the Local Authority.

Driveway Design

As new driveways require planning permission, we can assist homeowners by producing drawings & specifications required for such application for planning permission, and finally making the application on their behalf.

Construction Details

Construction details and detailed specification are required to ensuring a project is constructed to the highest quality once it commences on site. Each project has different elements all of which are thoroughly designed to ensure they are built as intended.

Tender Documents & Procurement

In order to achieve value for money for our clients, we can provide full contract documentation such as Bills of Quantities to enable the tendering and procurement of all our landscape designs.

Project Management

Supervision, direction, and management on site ensure all designs are implemented as intended, ensuring the landscape plan is followed fully and the scope of works is carried out as set out in the contract documents and in compliance with Planning Permission.

Recent Projects

Over the years we've worked with dozens of amazing Clients from all over Ireland. Below you'll find a small number of recent projects we have worked on.


In order to give the best services we follow a number of steps to ensure each project is a success.

1. Connect

Let's talk first. If you think we can be of assistance for your project, just get in touch with us and tell us about your project and we will tell you how we can help.

2. Draft Design

After we know what you want, it's time for us to start our brainstorm engines. We really think out of the box band always make sure that the mission will be accomplished.

3. Masterplanning

Once all parties are happy with the draft design, we can move on to the detailed design phase. This phase produces a suite of documents which will detail every aspect of the project.

4. Procurement

After the design is finalised, we can assist with the selection and appointment of the landscape contractor or any other profession required. Tendering, Reporting & Contractor selection are all part of our core services

5. Project Management

Sit back and relax, we'll make sure we keep your project up to date and running. And if you want to change directions, no problem, we'll make it happen.

We have worked on many different projects over the last 15 years. If you’re considering a landscape project of your own, we’d love to talk you through it. We can provide you with a no obligation quotation within 24 hours.

Some Answers To Your Questions

Shoud you require any further information please don't hesitate to contact us.

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