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Why Hire A Landscape Architect

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Why Hire A Landscape Architect

If you require a landscape plan to accompany your planning permission application hiring a landscape architect to assist with the application from the outset can prove to be a good decision.

Landscape architecture includes the creation of visually appealing, healthier and more liveable exterior environments. Bridging the gap between natural and manual development, Landscape Architects have an important role to play in projects.

Below are some reasons explaining why hiring a landscape architect can be of your benefit.

Devise Plans to be Approved by Local Authorities & County Councils

While applying for planning permission a landscape plan and associated planting plans needs to be developed and approved by local authorities. There are various factors that are considered before a landscape plan is approved, such as its potential contribution towards enhancing the overall environment in the area, geological conservation, etc. A professional landscape architect considers all relevant factors while devising a landscape plan so that it gets approved.

Sustainable Planning

Having a brilliant design concept or idea gives no surety about its successful implementation and sustainability. This is where landscape architects come in. They adopt a realistic and practical approach while planning a landscape design and guide you throughout the process. Taking care to correctly allocate the placement of different elements, landscape architects come up with plans that are not only practical but sustainable too.

Landscape Design

Landscape architects carry out a thorough site analysis before they short-list design concepts and ideas. Taking all factors under consideration they eventually finalise a design that not only meets client’s requirements but also contributes towards environmental and ecological conservation.

Professional Approach

Landscape architects adopt a professional approach to plan and implement a landscape design. They bring into use their technical knowledge and artistic expertise to examine a site, understand your requirements, consider the end-result you expect to achieve, formulate designs, devise a workable and sustainable plan and complete all the paper work. This organised and professional approach leads to quicker and better results.

Value for Money

By employing a Landscape Architect you are assured that you will get complete value for money. Professional assistance can make a great deal of difference to the end result. A unique design, effective and sustainable plan and successful implementation of the design plan through the assistance of a professional landscape architect make sure that you make the most out of your investment.

Successful Planning Applications

A landscape architect oversees the entire project to ensure its successful implementation. Project management and effective planning are two key factors that contribute towards the successful implementation of a landscape design. A professional landscape architect is capable of countering any problems that may arise during design implementation and makes sure that a site is developed in accordance with the design plan and as specified.

Tree and Hedge Selection

Landscape architects carefully select trees and hedges that are a perfect fit for your site. We ensure that all specified trees and plants are native to the area and will fit into the surrounding landscape.

Collaboration with Other Professionals

Collaborating with other professionals such as Architects, Engineers, horticulturists and other designers, Landscape Architects are able to integrate into design teams and produce results to tight deadlines.

Hiring a landscape architect can be the difference between a successful planning application and one that is refused. We provide high quality landscape plans & drawings by qualified and professional landscape architects who can help you design and create your idea landscapes. Fell free to contact us any time to discuss your requirements.