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Garden Design - The Process

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Garden Design - The Process

Landscape Plans For Planning Permission. Local Authorties and County Councils may ask you to submit a landscape drawing showing your proposed landscape layout along with your planning permission application. We can assist you with sucessfully submitting such plans and associated details to the Local Authority..

Below is a sample of what the Local Authority can request.


"The applicant is requested to submit landscaping proposals that includes drawings indicating details of all proposed hard and soft landscaping, including details of all proposed site boundary treatments, detailed planting plans and planting schedules, stating species/varieties, quantities, sizes, rootball presentation and spacing’s. The applicant is advised that all proposed planting should consist of native species. The landscape plan should include a timescale for its implementation, including a minimum 18-month landscape maintenance period and provide details in relation to protective measures to be implemented during construction for all existing planting to be retained on site. In addition to landscaping proposed following on from item no. 2 above, the applicant is requested to provide further planting along the northern site boundary to supplement the existing hedgerow in order to further soften the visual impact of the proposed development.. South Dublin County Council


"In accordance with condition 5 of the grant of permission please submit landscape plans detailing • proposed finished levels • construction of the stone lime washed wall • proposed and existing services above and below ground • specification of planting area for proposed trees within the car park • written spec of the planting including cultivation and other operations associated with plant establishment • schedules of plants, noting species, planting sizes and proposed numbers / densities where appropriate • implementation timetables • Note; the plans are to be carried out by a qualified landscape architectMeath County Council

We have a great track record for our Landscape planning submissions on a nationwide basis. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements, or even to answer so of your questions. We are always willing to talk !

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