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Stunning Natural Beauty with Low Maintenance. A Perfect Solution !!!

Sowing a wildflower meadow can bring huge benfits to your property

To some they are weeds, to others, wildflowers. Did you know there are plenty of wildflowers you can grow that are just as tolerant of harsh conditions? Growing wildflowers can add a tremendous burst of colour and interest to your garden and are quite maintenance free. You can have native flowers blooming from spring right through to early winter.

Reduce Lawns, Reduce Mowing

Planting a wildflower meadow is a great way to reduce the size of the lawn that requires constant maintenance and mowing. By reducing the size of the lawn, you will spend less time mowing, use less fertilisers and chemicals, and water less in the summer. You can plant wildflowers on almost any soil type. When done properly, you can transform a portion of your garden into a meadow that will last for years with very little annual maintenance.

Wildlife Habitat

Wildflowers provide an ecosystem habitat for a host of insects Bees and butterflies will all find something to their liking in a wildflower meadow. Many recommended wildflower species are highly sought after by butterflies and bees. Most will provide nectar and some are host plants for the larval stage of certain butterflies. The flowers themselves make excellent arrangements when cut, and the colours they provide can be stunning..