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Setting A Garden Budget

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Setting A Garden Budget

As with every project you undertake in your home, it is important to have a budget set aside to carry out the works, if not projects can spiral out of control.

Having a budget set also ensures designers don't over design the project.

How much to build a garden?

The main cost involved in building your garden is commonly the hard landscaping elements of the design. Constructing a new garden should be thought of as an investment in your property, and a realistic budget to consider would be between 4-10% of the value of your home. For a home worth €200,000 that would mean a build budget of between €8,000 and €20,000.

This figure is on a par with the cost involved in installing a new conservatory or kitchen, and there is an equal amount of work involved. While this is a substantial investment, consider the return you will get and the hours of pleasure for you and your family.

Setting a budget

Our main objective when working with you is to deliver the best possible garden for your money. For us to achieve this we need a budget figure to work with. Your budget figure will directly influence the choice of layout and materials in the designs we present to you, and it is very difficult to meet your expectations without one. It is possible to work within a budget range. In this instance we would present a design with different price options based on different materials.

Spreading the costs

If you are committed to transforming your garden but don’t want to commit a large sum initially to the project, we can help you phase the works over a period of time and build your garden in stages. The first thing to do is to commission the design plans and have the garden build fully estimated. Then you can decide which element you want to prioritise to build now and which could wait until sometime in the future.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements, or even to answer so of your questions. We are always willing to talk !

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