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Common Types Of Hedges

Hedges are the most natural form of site boundaries and have been used for centuries to mark boundaries, protect from intruders and to create shelter and privacy.

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BS 5837 Tree Surveys & Assessments

Trees give the landscape character and should be protected and preserved where possible. A BS 5837 tree survey should be prepared at an early stage and the resulting constraints will inform site layout design..

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Why Hire A Landscape Architect

If you require a landscape plan to accompany your planning permission application hiring a landscape architect to assist with the application from the outset can prove to be a good decision.

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Landscape Planning Checklist

A Landscape plan for planning permission for local authorities and County Councils should be designed so as to minimise as much as possible the impact of the proposed development and aid its assimilation into the existing surrounding landscape in a natural manner.

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Typical Planning Conditions

Landscape Plans For Planning Permission. Local Authorties and County Councils may ask you to submit a landscape plan showing your proposed landscape layout along with your planning permission application. We can assist you with sucessfully submitting such plans and associated details to the Local Authority..